Friday, June 17, 2011

Selous Eclipse

Two nights ago, the KP guests were treated to a rare site while flycamping on the shore of Lake Tagalala--A full lunar eclipse.  I stayed up to get a few shots as the earth's shadow slid across the moon.

At 9:20, the moon was almost too bright to look at, but the edge of the earth's shadow was just beginning to creep across.

By 10:30, the bush had lost its usual full-moon glow, and the moon had taken on it's half-moon crescent shape.

At 11:30, just before the eclipse was completed, the surface of the moon was thrown into relief.  

As the eclipse was completed, the color of the moon transformed, displaying a gold-black gradient with a tinge of red apparently caused by the ashcloud from Iceland.

A lion roaring completed the experience.

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